Let’s queer some art!

Lewis Figun Westbrook, a white nonbinary person with pink hair, touches their glasses with one hand. Behind them is a blue mural

Lewis Figun Westbrook (he/they) is a queer graphic designer, writer, photographer, and videographer who believes in the power of wide-eyed creativity. 

Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you drew the sun for the first time and your family put it on the fridge? That is what I chase in every project. I create with the goal of people connecting with work enough that they want to put it on their fridge. And it is always extra special if my work helps them understand themself more, or just be a tiny bit kinder to themself.

Take a look at my graphic design, writing, and multimedia pages to learn more about my work. Let’s create together, just for us.

If you are reviewing my work, visit my press kit page for some helpful bios and photos.

If you are interested in working together, visit my hire me page and contact me through my online form!

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