Hire Me!

I am currently available for freelance work! As a varied artist, I have multiple different skills and interests. Below are the different kinds of work I am most interested in but if you want to work with me on a different project, reach out directly to discuss!

Videography work

My rates as a videographer and editor are $60 an hour! I am most experienced with interview style videos, promotional work, and short films but am currently very interested in directing, filming, and editing music videos. Visit my videography page to see my previous work.

Photography work

My rates as a photographer are $60 an hour! I love event photography (including festivals like Queer Spectra, weddings, and more!), portraits, product photos, building a stock base, and artistic styles. I have never done family or couple photo shoots before but would be totally opening to trying! Visit my photography page to see my previous work.

Graphic Design work

My rates as a graphic designer are $50 an hour! I have experience with most design work but particularly love branding and logo design, illustration, and layout and composition. I am particularly interested in helping queer brands stand out and layout for zines and chapbooks! Visit my graphic design page to see my previous work.

Writing work

I am a poet and prose writer, in addition to journalism and copy writing! I also have experience with copy editing for businesses like Westminster College, Volunteers of America Utah, and more! Visit my writing page to see my previous work and purchase my zines through my my shop or at local SLC markets.

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